Welcome to the new world

IEG4's OpenProcess is a new type of workflow solution because it is a hybrid of multiple current categories of solution. The most common document and workflow management systems in the local government market were designed in the 1990s. This inevitably means they're harder to be trained on, look dated and lack the levels of integration that are possible today.

With OpenProcess, we've built a system that enables a user to track the progress of their request online whilst also acting as an engine to power massive efficiency in e.g. council tax automation. It's a mobile responsive solution that enables workers (including external contractors) to be assigned/manage their tasks directly to/on their phone. It's a system that enables users to create cases from an online form with no code. It's an EDMS with the ability to import data from any back office for indexing of documents enabling you to replace legacy EDMS solutions across the whole council.

It allows mobile workers to see the location of issues in Bing Maps from directly within it to enable them to plan their route more effectively. It's a system that has open (and free) APIs that follow GDS best practice - because we recognise the power of being able to making your data available to, and updatable from, other applications.

Importantly, OpenProcess acts as platform for all of your processes irrespective of use case.

Digitising every council request

Enable all of your work to be converted into processes that are trackable online irrespective of how a request was received.

Massive automation

Powerful automation is made possible with in built integration to back office Council Tax systems and also REST API calling capability.

Proactively stop contact

As a request progresses automatically notify customers with communications sent via GOV.UK Notify.

Open API to enable 3rd party updates

Free APIs that conform to best practice enable you to complete processes/add notes/retrieve documents from other apps.

OpenProcess in Numbers


Of your services able to be tracked online by customers


Online requests have been tracked using OpenProcess


Of processes completed within SLA


Of calls can be removed with online process tracking

So much functionality Built-in

All work becomes digital

Consistent and complete

With OpenProcess, all of the service requests you receive will kick off the same processes whether they are triggered by a letter, an online form or an update from a native application.

This is because OpenProcess has:

The ability to automatically import letters

The ability to index these against back office case/account/claim references and trigger a process

The ability to trigger a processes when a form is completed without any code/need for IT to help configure anything

The ability to even link a service request received by letter to a process that then becomes trackable online if they access their citizen account

IEG4 Open process showing document indexing

Proactive Notifications

Automate updates to customers

The instant your staff complete a task, automated and customised updates can be sent to customers. Not only does this ensure customers are kept in the loop, it means you're less likely to get progress chasing calls.

Your business users can add automated updates when a stage of a process is started or completed

Customise the subject, email from address, and the body of the email

Automatically notify customers that a note/document has been added to their process simply by saving a note/adding a document

Council staff are automatically notified when a customer supplies the information/documentation requested

IEG4 Open process, adding a step to a process

Geolocation built-in!

An EDMS for the future

Now, the functions users need are different to those of the 1990s when competing EDMS systems were built. Reflective of this, with OpenProcess, we've built-in the ability to visualise where an issue is where it is a location-based issue.

As OpenProcess is a mobile responsive application this means users can:

Visualise the location of issues on a map within the system whilst out in the field or at their desk

View similar issues that are outstanding to enable improved route optimisation to save time / do more in one day without returning to the office

Add issues manually themselves without the need for an online form if out and about and an issue is spotted

Ability to view a street view to check the location is exactly where you think it is

Open Integration

Push and pull info

We think that the more integration you can leverage with our systems the more you'll want to keep using them. It's why we've built a set of APIs that are free to use. As well as why we've made it possible to trigger a RESTful API whenever any stage of a process is started.

Automatically complete stages of a process and therefore the entire process via API

Automatically add notes with the ability to choose whether the citizen can see these notes or not

Automatically retrieve any documents associated with a process

Automatically retrieve details of the current stage of a process it is on

Automatically trigger a RESTful API on as many stages of a process as desired. E.g. a five stage process could trigger a different API request for all five stages into five different back office systems

Swagger.io showing IEG4's open process api documentation


Insight to see and respond to channel shift

Powered by the industry leading Microsoft PowerBI, IEG4's Reportal functionality comes with OpenProcess. Managers can see how OpenProcess is enabling digital transformation whilst also being able to see how users/teams/departments and the council overall are performing.

Reporting comes with the ability to:

View a live dashboard of performance with the ability to filter for different periods of time

Drill down into individual process type performance

Use interactive dashboards where results are clear and simple to get to

Fully monitor performance at user/group/department/council level

Export data into Microsoft Excel format for further interrogation

Improved outcomes are made possible with these features

Available as an organisation-wide or departmental solution

Dynamically manage and automate work allocation, including the ability to assign work to contractors etc.

Digital and ‘Paper’ in same process and worktray

Irrespective of channel a request is received a consistent process is created and can be tracked online.

Automated actions

Proactive custom updates can be sent to customers to let them know of progress when a step is started/completed.

Real time information capture

You have the ability to request information directly from a customer and for the officer to be notified when it is received.

GOV.UK Notify

The ability to send notifications in real time via email and SMS using the Government's Notify platform

Rich Document Templates

You have the ability to have different headers/footers/styling/logos on any document with placeholders auto-populating name, address etc.

Automated document import

Built-in ability to import documents into separate indexing queues.

Limitless Department Indexing

YOU control which back office systems you have indexing for AND which content is shown to end users.

Live Preview

A live preview of a scanned/imported document to enable review prior to indexing

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