Automate Reviews for any purpose

Single Person Discount fraud is identified as one of the highest areas of fraud in local government. Up to ~£150 million pounds could be saved by eradicating this.

Councils typically use credit reference agencies to identify likely fraudsters and when they receive the list of high risk claimants undertake manual processes to remove these.

With Incidents we've built a mechanism that is able to import a file containing the suspected fraudsters, and automate the issuing of letters/emails to those parties. If no response is received then the discount is automatically removed from the back office.

Those that do respond, do so electronically and again the outcome of what they say is automated except where they have a genuine dispute.

Whilst the service is able to do this for Single Person Discount reviews, it is able to do it for any use case where one wants to message people as a result of something occurring. E.g. housing tenants in arrears.

Campaign creation

Simply importing a file and providing a campaign name imports the file and sends emails/generates letters automatically for the high risk cases.

Real-time automation

You define a period of time in which the service should wait for a response from the customer before automatically triggering the discount to be removed.

Customisable templates

You can create custom templates that contain your header / footer etc. for both emails and letters.

Outcomes Dashboard

Instantly track the outcomes of a campaign with a real-time pie chart and drill down view of what has happened to those contacted.

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