Transform Continuing Health Care for Faster Decisions

Our 'Digital CHC' solution has been designed to support both professionals and families to obtain the appropriate level of care and funding for patients that have significant health needs that need to be managed outside of hospital. It streamlines a complex process and supports ICBs in meeting their 28-day referral targets.

It allows digital entry of e-Checklists, e-Assessments and e-DSTs mirroring the NHSE National Framework. Workflow automation accelerates communications with stakeholders working on Standard and Fast Track CHC processes. Digital CHC reduces administration effort, improves transparency to accelerate eligibility decisions and improves patient service. Patient Portal transforms the patient and family experience of the complex CHC assessment process.

Improved quality and better control of submissions

Increases ICB ability to ensure policy and educate CHC stakeholders

Improved patient experience through Patient Portal

Visibility of real-time information for both professionals and families improves communication and eliminates delays

Increased visibility of case progress

Eliminates process gaps and focuses team efforts to meet National Framework targets

Increased productivity delivers cost savings alongside evaluation

Positive financial ROI on top of quality and performance improvements

Digital CHC in Numbers

13 hours

Saved from every assessment


Improvement in referrals processed within the 28 Days standard


Improvement in clinical assessment resource utilisation


QIPP savings in one year

Submit digital referral

Digital Checklist improves appropriateness, data quality and completeness to reduce downstream errors, and avoidable follow-up and re-work activity.

A single point of access

Intelligent form design

Note When Not To Submit

Instant submission

Generate pdf Checklist

Issue case receipt

IEG4 Digital CHC Checklist
IEG4 Digital CHC documents within case management

Manage referral progress

Check responsible ICB & eligibility potential. Allocate further Full Assessment. Identify stakeholders and set actions & timeline to case decision.

Conduct ICB case checks

Enable effective triage

Assign CHC case lead

Coordinate next steps

Drive to Recommendation

Maintain audit trail

Drive faster decisions

Use dashboard to monitor case progress and individual staff workloads. Exploit workflows and e-mail templates to accelerate stakeholder communications

Pre-populate forms

Use email templates

Follow CHC work-stages

Allocate Case Assessors

‘Virtual’ MDT supported

Schedule Verification

IEG4 Digital CHC MDT meetings view
IEG4 Digital CHC timeline

Improve service quality

Improved transparency over CHC cases enables managers to re-focus staff to avoid delays.   Improved documentation communicates decisions quickly.

Increase accountability

Schedule work better

Improve collaboration

Produce quality docs

Eliminate paper loss

Communicate digitally

Patient at the centre of CHC assessment

Patient Portal delivers real-time information to the patient and their family or advocates. Allows custom educational content. Document sharing. Instant communication

Secure login for patients

Enable real time information sharing

Keep patient updated on progress

Stops chasing phone calls to the ICB

Developed in collaboration with patients and CHC service

Supports digital delivery for completed assessment

Sharing chc assessments with friends and family

Powerful Reporting

The software incorporates more than 50 reports, supporting NHS England's requirements

Actionable Insights

Reporting data export

Dynamic dashboards

360 degree visibility

Benchmark against other ICB's

Performance Management

Digital CHC  - Screen shot from Reportal showing peaks and statistics

See Digital CHC in action

Improved outcomes are made possible with these features

Communicate digitally

Increases ICB control over the submission and registration of CHC Referrals and eliminates human error and case loss associated with handling paper and manual processes

Improved case submission quality

Digital validation, help notes and ‘point & click’ domain score selection improves referral quality and makes training needs easier to spot & resolve

Effective triage of checklists

Ensures that every Checklist submitted is triaged consistently to eliminate unnecessary downstream work-effort and speed-up decision making process

Workflow standard CHC & Fast Track

Sequences activities to focus work, increase productivity and drive faster, well-documented, Recommendations to Verification using the National Framework

Automated email & pdf creation

Generates emails based on work stage and info captured to accelerate communications.  Merges information to create pdfs of Referrals and Decisions

Transparent case management

All key professionals have the ability to see the status and target decision date for all cases allocated to them to help maintain focus and progress towards Verification. Communications with patients is improved

Management information dashboard

Helps CHC service managers monitor progress and direct activities to improve service levels to achieve and exceed NHS England National Standards

Share info quickly and securely

Authorised users can instantly share information with other users, patients and family members based on patient consent to speed up decisions

Maintains audit trails automatically

Automatically generates an audit trail of actions around each case – dramatically reducing case admin effort and making due diligence reviews quicker

Enable virtual MDT meetings

Stakeholders can attend MDT meetings virtually and see the evidence being discussed; reducing delays in scheduling, expenses and improving productivity

Selected by NHS England NIA

Digital CHC is part of the National Innovation Accelerator programme, selected for proven impact and benefits delivery.  Reviewed and Approved by ICB IG teams

NHS Digital Assessor Approved

Reviewed and approved by NHS Digital assessors for it's clinical, security and regulatory conformance

Case Study

older women holing a mans hand

It’s clear from the results being achieved by NHS Cheshire and Merseyside that digitising the assessment forms and the process around All Age Continuing Care is delivering a robust and effective service.

Want to learn more about Digital CHC?

Find out why we designed and built the product we did and how it achieves the outcomes and savings it does.

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