This module serves as a headless system that streamlines the management and delivery of web content, making it more accessible and user-friendly. It provides a platform for staff to efficiently create, manage, and publish up-to-date, accurate content for the public.

Enhanced Content Management

Headless CMS for Multi-Channel Delivery
The CMS solution enables councils to:
  • Present content seamlessly across different channels and devices.
  • Facilitate the creation of websites that are accessible and responsive to user needs.
  • Utilise easy-to-use administration tools that require no technical expertise.
  • Support seamless user journeys by integrating content with transactions and extending functionality.

Key Features

Headless CMS Architecture

Separates content management from delivery, ensuring efficient multi-channel distribution

Role-based User Management

Implements role-based access controls to secure content and ensure only authorised edits.

Content Scheduling & Version Control

Enables scheduled publishing and tracks versions for easy rollback and content accuracy.

Dynamic Content Display

Dynamically displays content like news and integrates with social media to boost engagement.

SEO Optimisation & Friendly URLs

Automatically generates SEO-friendly URLs to improve search rankings and visibility.

Comprehensive Media Management

Offers an advanced asset manager for easy organisation and retrieval of multimedia content.

Accessibility Compliance

Adheres to the latest WCAG standards, ensuring the site is accessible to all users.

Template & Design Flexibility

Provides customisable templates for quick modifications to design and layout, enhancing branding alignment.