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Driving innovation and channel shift

Our Revenues and Benefits products are feature-rich, designed to make digital the preferred channel for your customers while delivering significant automation.
  • Deliver channel shift quicker and smarter by allowing customisation of online service content for faster, tailored delivery.
  • Achieve unparalleled automation levels with integration to NEC Software Solutions, Capita, Civica, and every EDMS, resulting in significant efficiency savings.
  • Enhance user experience and increase service take-up with intuitive, device-compatible online services designed to meet user needs.
  • Prevent fraud and error with instant smart validation using RBV and CallValidate, reducing unnecessary admin time for claims and changes in circumstances.
Workflow diagram connecting user profiles to various options represented by icons and colored boxes

Total Integration

IEG4 offers seamless integration into document management, digital workflow, citizen accounts, address look-ups, bank account validation, risk-based verification, and ID verification services, leveraging expertise in APIs and Robotic Process Automation.
  • Achieve 90-100% automation levels for Council Tax transactions.
  • Push benefits data directly into Capita, NEC Software Solutions, and Civica back office systems.
  • Allow mid and post-form submission evidence uploads, with real-time integration to EDMS or OpenProcess.
  • Ensure highly accurate RBV outcomes through seamless data and evidence handling.

Enhanced Customer Interaction

Authenticate customers in real-time for accurate and personalised service.

Customise form content and self-service FAQs based on real-time back office data.

Streamlined Processes & Efficiency

Consolidate multiple processes, such as move notifications, discounts, and eBilling sign-ups, into a single form.

Utilise intelligent features to prevent unnecessary work, with mobile-responsive forms that can be tracked online in the Digital Experience Platform.

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