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Enable your users to rapidly deliver services online

IEG4’s eDesigner with Local Gov as a Platform enables business-users to build and deploy intelligent online forms rapidly, add custom-built rules and integration to existing systems, and connect online forms to payment systems without code (No Code). Access to a library of 250+ forms comes with eDesigner and created forms can be shared between authorities.

Business users can build powerful online forms quickly and easily

Get rid of all your paper forms, PDFs and the manual processes underpinning them

Marketplace sharing

Councils can choose to share any forms they develop via the forms directory

Link to workflow and back office systems

Facilitate a complete digital transaction – see progress checks, requests and documents

‘Council in a box’ suite of forms

A library of 100+ free forms is available from day one to get you up and running fast

eDesigner in numbers


Different online forms across our council users


Forms built by councils submitted by citizens in the current year


Of all form submissions are from those built by customers


Forms free as a part of being an eDesigner user

Build your Online Services

Building intelligent digital services couldn't be easier with the user friendly features embedded into eDesigner; constructed to enable business users to directly build their online services as per their requirements

Lightning fast, with simple to access design features

Easy no code payment integration

Easy no code logic building

Easy to add questions, answers, document uploads

Easy to edit service content

Easy to capture evidence online

Screen shot from IEG4 eDesigner no code online forms building solution
Mobile Phone Screen with IEG4 Citizen-facing Form for making a payment for a Garden Waste Bin showing

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration into document management, digital workflow, citizen accounts, payment engines, maps, and line of business applications

Forms may be used in existing EDMS or Open Process workflows

Forms may be tracked by citizens

No code payment integration

No code back office integration

No code mapping integration

Local Government in a Box

eDesigner Marketplace suite comes with access to a library of 250+ forms, many of which have been built by users and made available to share. It’s a great way to either get started or get your forms strategy into shape

Share forms through eDesigner Marketplace

Make every service online

Make every Council service look uniform

All forms are mobile-responsive and trackable

Smart search tags make it easy to find forms Pay integration

Mobile device showing screen shot of IEG4 eDesigner no  code eforms

All these functions and
‍‍no code


Push collected data directly into your systems

With eMapper, council users can map content from online forms directly into an XML format which can be pushed into back office systems.

With simple clicks, users can generate a schematically valid file that can be saved to a file location for import or be directly pushed to an API end point.

This function enabled one councils customer services team to build integration to Civica APP, whilst another integrated into IDOX Uniform.  

Map content into XML format back office systems understand without code

Map content from user friendly lists to abstract back office codes

Push content automatically to back office locations or directly post it to an API without code

Ability to map multiple files and push to multiple different locations

IEG4's eDesigner showing mapping form fields to xml

Case creation

A platform-based approach to cases and workflow

With eDesigner and OpenProcess, a user can map content from an online form directly into an OpenProcess case without code. This means that all content can be seen in situ the second a form is submitted.

Remove the need to manage tasks within email clients

Transition away from legacy case management applications that simply act as a record of a service request and the associated documents/notes

Enable a shift toward a council-wide workflow and case management solution

IEG4's Open process showing tasks summary


Prevent duplication with no code location capture

With eDesigner, your customer service/business users can build online forms which capture location and can show existing issues to prevent duplicate/triplicate requests.

Not only can this be used for any location-based service, it can all be done with NO CODE.

Capture the location within eDesigner-built forms, which automatically kick off processes in OpenProcess and in turn will automatically show in future forms of that type and in OneVu

Enable ALL service requests that require location to be delivered online

Ability to search current location or a specific location

Ability to see from a street view perspective

IEG4's eDesigner showing no code maps

Payment integration

Capita | Civica | GOV.UK Pay | No code

Increasing revenue by being able to collect payments online is always going to be a good idea. With eDesigner's payment plug-ins, IEG4's customers have built a huge number of forms designed to capture payment prior to submission.

The incredible thing is that these online forms are built in customer services/business-focused teams not in the web development team.

This is possible because they require no specialist knowledge nor any code at all.

Capture payments and fully integrate to your payment system

Options of a fixed price, a custom amount and shopping basket are built-in

Using conditional logic, users can automatically determine the amount to be paid

Details of the fund code / payment reference / form reference is passed to the accounts receivable side of things to enable reconciliation

An email receipt can be set up to be sent automatically when payments go through

Literally takes minutes to set up

IEG4's OneVu Home view on a phone

Page/Form Logic

Intelligence you control

eDesigner has the ability to show/hide content or pages based upon previous responses. This is called conditional logic. This means that form lengths can be decreased dramatically.  

The more conditional logic is used, the more likely a person is only seeing questions they really need to see/complete, which means they are more likely to use the form.  

With our simple-to-use rules designer you are able to add conditional logic quickly and easily with no code. Some of the most incredible forms our customers have built have been done from within customer services. E.g. a House of Multiple Occupation Licence form at the Borough of King's Lynn and West Norfolk Council.

Easy to add conditional rules with the ability to nest rules infinitely. I.e. if this and this and this and this and this and this and this is true. Then show this content but hide this content

Ability to add rules that hide entire pages. Which means that you could have a 20 page form but only ever show two pages of it. As an example, building a central point for a user to apply for a licence.

IEG4's eDesigner showing editing and adding dynamic rules for forms


Seamless | Lego Data

Wouldn't it be great if the data you already held about someone in OneVu could be automatically populated into your forms.

Since its inception its been possible to pre-populate the basics like name, address, email, date of birth. But soon we will take this further.

IEG4's innovative 'headless' approach to converting data from back office systems into a common format for reuse online is currently used in OneVu. However, this same data will soon be able to be leveraged in online forms built by you.

For example, lets say that you already know a person's rent arrears/parking fine/benefit overpayment amount from when they authenticated to these departments. It will be possible to pre-populate this kind of data into forms you build without code or technical gobbledegook.

Your forms pre-populated automatically from profile data in Onevu

Your forms able to be pre-populated by data from line of business applications

Screenshot of an online form showing a map where someone can highlight location and repot Fly Tipping


Insight to report and respond to channel shift

IEG4's Reportal functionality is powered by the industry-leading Microsoft PowerBI and comes with eDesigner. Managers can see how eDesigner is enabling digital transformation over time.

Reporting comes with the ability to:

Identify trends and how volumes of online service requests change over time and start to understand peak periods etc

Use interactive dashboards where results are clear and simple to get to

Filter the data by demographical information

Export data into Microsoft Excel format for further interrogation

Bar chart showing increase over months

Improved outcomes are made possible with these features

Build online forms rapidly using pre-built templates

Business users can produce their own eForms quickly and easily

Easily add drop-downs, checklists, controls and logic

Advanced forms functionality is made easy using the user-friendly eDesigner interface

Payment integration built-in with Capita, Civica, GOV.UK Pay

No code integration to enable payments to be taken through forms is included and can be added to any form by any user.

Forms may be shared with other eDesigner users via Marketplace

As well as coming with access to a library of 250+ forms, Councils can choose to share forms amongst other themselves using  eDesigner Marketplace

Secure web services to back office

Integration to legacy systems is made easy, be it to EDMS or other back office software with form data transmitted in XML & PDF

Forms are stored for reporting & channel management

All forms are stored in the dedicated portal providing reporting showing numbers complete & submitted.

See eDesigner in action

Case Study

Beach sunset

IEG4’s approach has always been to build an intuitive service and then give us the ability to do it ourselves.

Joanna Hillard
CIC Assistant Manager
Borough Council of King's Lynn & 
West Norfolk

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