Exceed Expectations

Gartner research found that 92% of organisations know the importance of meeting consumer expectations and identified personalisation as a top priority in doing so. In spite of this, just 23% of companies in the private sector have this. In the public sector, until CitizenVu, personalisation was non-existent.

‍CitizenVu delivers a new kind of website for councils. Enabling citizens, through the website to interact, engage and get things done. Quick to implement, CitizenVu delivers value swiftly without the need for weeks of consultancy and professional services costs. Plus, with personalisation capabilities inbuilt, CitizenVu will provide novel and compelling user journeys.

McKinsey research also states that highly personalised experiences, when widely available and able to use underlying data, are difficult for competitors to imitate. Indeed, the value across all sectors of personalisation is forecast to be in the trillions of pounds.

While profits are not the focus of the public sector, the operational savings attained through enhanced digital service use, are.

Quick to get value from

Most of the costs of implementing a website involve design, consultancy and professional services. CitizenVu is designed with simple to use templates that get you up and running fast.

Maximise Engagement

Deliver personalised content and calls to action that make your website richer and provide greater citizen experiences.

Quick start your transformation

CitizenVu implementation comes with a choice of 100 online service forms that other councils are using from having access to a library of >2000.

Workflow and content alerts

Intelligent functionality to enable content approval workflows and old content to be highlighted for editing purposes/removal.

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Clean and clear

A ready-made set of accessible template-driven pages and sections make CitizenVu's websites look clear and intelligible.

Tick in a circular shape being used as a bullet point

Three distinct Home page templates

Tick in circular shape being used as a bullet point

Service Hub pages

Tick in a circular shape being used as a bullet point

Service Document pages

Tick in a circular shape being used as a bullet point

Personalised Document pages

Integrated Form pages

News/Blog pages

Screen shot from IEG4 Blue Badge Case Management Solution
Screen shot from IEG4 Blue Badge Case Management Solution

Service Hubs

You have total control of the content within given service areas.

Add content with no code

Link images to service areas

Publish your content fast

Personalised Content

For the first time, citizen content and calls to action are tailored to your citizen's personal circumstances.

Unparalleled Experiences

Personalised experiences across:

Council Tax





Business Rates

Screenshot showing personalised Council Tax account details
Screenshot showing Guidance Notes within within a Council Tax account on Reporting a move

Intelligent pathway driven journeys

Life events like property moves, births, deaths, getting/losing a job are some of the most common transactions. These life events are on pathways that result in automation and unrivalled experiences.

Choice of 100 online service forms to implement

No code needed to integrate forms into your website experience

Automated services like Council Tax and Benefits integrate seamlessly and deliver improved journeys

Increase your library with online form builder, eDesigner option.


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