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Councils are receiving almost 5,000 complaints a day over their failure to collect rubbish, according to new figures. An analysis shows calls to local authorities over bin collections has soared by more than a third in just five years. In total, more than 1.8 million complaints about rubbish not being collected were lodged with 336 councils last year - an average of 4,931 a day, according to the figures obtained through a series of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.

Aware of the high volume of waste enquiry calls received, IEG4, working alongside councils and its partner Yotta, developed a highly intelligent, mobile responsive digital service for waste management service requests. This provides citizens with the ability to submit a missed bin request, or, request a replacement bin, at a time to suit them, on the device of their choice.

With full bi-directional integration to the waste management systems and lorries' in-cab technology, citizens receive a response in real-time, which reduces unnecessary contact to the council and removes paper-based processes from the equation.

Customers can use the service at a time to suit them due to mobile responsive functionality

24/7 access is made possible by these digital offerings, which are optimised to work on any device.

Intelligent design prevents jobs being created

All online forms are designed to work within the parameters of your council's policies and prevent jobs being created unnecessarily.

Proactive alerts

Citizens can, via their OneVu profile, set up alerts to be notified via email/SMS/Facebook Messenger the night before which bins are due for collection the next day.


OneVu is able to show customers when their next collections are and where fly tipping/street scene issues have already been reported.

Waste Management in Numbers


Could be saved in calls received if every council had a smart missed bin form*


Of the scenarios catered for with IEG4's Missed Bin form prevent a job being created.


Of all chargeable bin requests can have their payments taken prior to job creation


Automation of process for job creation even where multiple bins need replaced.

* Average call cost is £4 and number of missed bin reports 1.8 million

Improved outcomes are made possible with these features

All content can be updated by non-technical users.

Real-time communication with the back office/in cab software enables accurate updates to customers

Email receipts are given when a payment is received and or a job created.

Display over 50 user definable different messages to customers on why their bin was not collected.

Automate the creation of multiple jobs in real-time i.e. remove a damaged bin/deliver a replacement

Council policy can be built-in. For example, if the Council changes policy on last collection time, max number, pricing of bins, staff can change it without IT help.

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