Realise your ambitions for channel shift

IEG4’s OneVu solution enables a single digital window into your council to be provided to your customers. Designed to solve customer queries, not just surface data, OneVu has reduced phone calls in some councils by up to 50%.

OneVu enables your customers to self-serve and get personalised answers to the most common questions you are frequently asked already. As well as providing the ability for customers to submit and track the progress of >300 different pan-council services.

Business users can change content

You can make the content inside the citizen portal your own. And adapt it to changing demands without IT's help.

OneVu single citizen sign-in

A whole council accessible with just one login. With the ability to login using Microsoft, Facebook and Google too.

Everything trackable

With over 30% of telephone calls related to progress checking or failure demand chasing, OneVu stops this with progress checking on every single online form.

‘Council in a box’ suite of forms

A library of 250+ forms is available from day one to get you up and running fast and with eDesigner you can add even more.

Stats from OneVu users


Reduction in telephone calls


Of transactions done out of office hours

Every citizen request is trackable


Reduction in face to face contacts

Case Study

Aerial view of High Peak & Staffordshire Moorlands landscape

Accessibility to services for citizens is of high importance to us, our digital solutions are not just creating efficiency for the councils, it's also the customer experience that's important.

High Peak & Staffordshire Moorlands Councils

See OneVu in action

One Citizen Portal

OneVu is a mobile-responsive citizen portal spanning the whole council services with a single sign-in. Council Customer Services have enhanced access to the same solution, providing a single view across all back-office data silos and access to all online forms.

Customer experience led design

Customers can track any service request

Spans all departments and channels

Personalised FAQs

Access to personal data

Request and receive information from citizens

Screen shot of IEG4 Citizen Engagement Platform OneVu
Mobile device screen shot showing IEG4 OneVu Citizen Engagement Platform

Next-generation Workflow

OneVu comes with Open Process – a next gen workflow engine capable of having multi-stage processes that can be tracked by the citizen online within their OneVu account. Council staff can request information online from citizens and in turn citizens can upload information online.

Automate notifications

Surface back office silo'd information to citizens

Create trackable processes

Publicise SLAs to reduce
telephone calls

The council is available 24/7

Single and simple Sign-0n

A single unified cross-UK account creation and management solution. Enabling accounts to be created via an email address, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Citizens, Council and Contractor staff all have a OneVault account

Quick and easy to generate an account

Real-time two factor authentication

Simple yet secure

Desktop device screen shot showing IEG4 OneVu Citizen Engagement Platform
Mobile device screen shot showing IEG4 OneVu Citizen Engagement Platform

Local Government
in a Box

What if standardisation wasn’t a problem? With eDesigner you can build your own forms without code, which, like IEG4’s main product forms, have the ability to be linked to OpenProcess workflows and thus be tracked by citizens

Comes with access to a library of 250+ forms

Share forms through the marketplace

Make every service online

Smart search tags make it easy to find forms

All forms are mobile-responsive and trackable Pay integration

So much functionality Built-in

A no code framework

API Framework | A no code engine

Councils have literally tens of different core applications. These use different integration mechanisms like REST, HTTP, SOAP and rarely use standards from one system to another.

This has historically meant fixed self service portals built by legacy software suppliers that only work for one department. With OneVu, we wanted to remove the technical gobbledegook and provide a single user interface for citizens and a single no code way for business users to add/amend the portal.

To do this we built an API framework that provides a consistent integration mechanism and allows non-technical staff to change content.

Change content of your portal without the need for help from IEG4 or IT

Provides the ability to provide personalisation of content with a built-in capability to show/hide content based upon the data from a back office application

Provides complete flexibility in terms of the user interface, as it supports HTML and CSS should councils want to expand and go further in their portal's evolution

Provides a mechanism to retrieve data for other uses such as website personalisation and smarter chat bots

Converts data from legacy back office integration mechanisms into modern GDS best practice driven JSON

IEG4's OneVu showing personalised FAQ's

CRM Lite

Citizen Engagement in all channels

Today you want citizens to have a single view of the council and do things themselves online. But for when people do call, OneVu has a built-in Customer Services Vu, which enables you to have a single view of the citizen.

Have a single view of a citizen across all back office applications. Less training needed for customer services staff and they can proactively highlight areas for improvement as they're accessing the same content citizens are

Open any forms exactly where a customer left them to provide support

Access timeline view to see all activities that have taken place both by citizens and council staff

Log calls/face to face contacts by department, type, location, avoidable status

Council staff can search for and create digital accounts on behalf of citizens phoning in, enabling the citizen to then instantly login

Dedicated reporting enabling managers to monitor channel shift and focus efforts on moving from phones to the digital channel

IEG4 OneVu Timeline

Issue monitoring

Prevent duplication / maximise engagement

With OneVu, we're providing a platform for digital. Any requests that are made, which capture location can now be shown automatically on a map to prevent duplicate/triplicate requests. Not only can this be used for any location-based service, it can all be done with NO CODE.

Capture location within eDesigner built forms, which automatically kick off processes in OpenProcess and then automatically show in OneVu

Limitless number of issue types enabling all geolocation related issues to be viewed

Ability to filter where, when and locations near home, their current location or a specific location

Ability to view a street view to check the location is exactly where you think it is

Mobile device screen shot showing IEG4 OneVu Citizen Engagement Platform

Service Directory

The first standard-based modern service directory

Our mission is to surface local, place based services to people that need to find them in the most simple possible way. In the same place a person can find out their bin day they can find out where they could get help managing their money or where their elderly parent can find services help with loneliness. All designed to help reduce the burden on social care with a proactive approach.

Completely configurable service directory that enables citizens to easily find services by category and location

Service providers are able to add and update their services themselves online

Bing Maps API integration means public transport/walking/driving directions to sessions can be used to navigate to service locations easily

Ability to bookmark services for easy access when returning to one's account

Works seamlessly with OneVu's 'Friends and Family' function which means that a user can find and access services for a family member or someone they're caring for

IEG4 community directory

eNotifications / eBilling

Limitless | Innovative

Most electronic notification services require councils to pay each and every back office system supplier to use their electronic notification module. With a platform based, innovative approach we have provided the means for a council to deliver eNotifications/eBilling for ANY department and for ANY purpose. What's more our approach of enabling all services use GOV.UK Notify means you can have a consistent way of notifying customers irrespective of channel/department.

Simple to configure manner of setting up your notification types without help from IEG4 or IT

Ability to send communications for things like new council tax/business rates bills. But also for alerts like a person going into housing arrears. Or where a taxi licence has expired. Or to tell them the bins are due for collection the next day

Ability to send notifications via email, SMS and even Facebook Messenger

Ability to send emails/SMS/letters via GOV.UK Notify

Ability to customise the content of all messages in both HTML and plain text formats

Ability to see all correspondence sent for a particular account and drill into all detail of every item with a full audit

IEG4's OneVu showing managing a citizen profile and notifications

Multiple Portals

Business | HR | Leisure | Anything

OneVu comes with a built-in function that enables you to create distinct and more specific portals that can share all, some or none of the content that citizens see.

For example you can create a business portal that enables businesses to find out about trade waste, business rates, licensing, highways but not see content like council tax/social care which citizens would see.

Likewise you could have a HR portal where staff can see payslips and request leave in the same place they can see their council tax/bin days.

Limitless control over the number of distinct portals you want

The ability to filter which departments (info), forms, trackable processes are shown in each portal

The ability to have dedicated styling and header/footer for each portal

The ability to configure different host names for url creation

A common identity server powered using OAuth2 / OpenID ensures users can seamlessly access different portals with a single login where appropriate

IEG4's OneVu Home view on a phone


Insight to see and respond to channel shift

Powered by the industry leading Microsoft PowerBI, IEG4's Reportal functionality comes with OneVu. Managers can see how OneVu is enabling digital transformation whilst also being able to see how new forms built with eDesigner are helping make channel shift greater over time.

Reporting comes with the ability to:

See total numbers of accounts broken down by age group, sign up method, time/day created, % of accounts created out of hours, % personalised (linked to a back office app) etc

Visualise take up on a map with the ability to filter by council ward to enable reporting to sponsoring council members

Use interactive dashboards where results are clear and simple to get to

See how call numbers/face to face contacts have changed since the introduction of OneVu

See how staff perform, see details of average call lengths by department/type and how contacts differ between locations

Export data into Microsoft Excel format for further interrogation

Pie chart showing breakdown of customer queries within IEG4's Reportal

Improved outcomes are made possible with these features

'Myaccount' single sign-on via social media or email

Simple and quick account generation encourages take-up and engagement

Personalised and customisable FAQs for individual citizens

Secure authentication means that FAQs can be personalised and surface the key information citizens want in a format that is clear

Ability to search for online forms, pre-populate & save for later

Ease-of-use features ensure users’ utility is maximised and the channel becomes preferred means of communication

Online service builder - build and link new forms

Forms may be built by non-technical users for any service – with the same look and feel, tracking and integration features

Track requests, check progress & set SLAs

Citizens and customer services have access to all the information they need to receive and provide a great customer experience

Mobile responsiveness

The OneVu user interface is designed for smart phone and tablet use – meaning a great user experience and ensuring high levels of adoption

Integrates with back office systems where APIs available

Which means that complex back office information may be surfaced within OneVu and presented to the citizen in language they will understand

Integral workflow and EDMS functionality

Create trackable multi-stage processes incorporating document uploads for any department

Available as an organisation-wide or departmental solution

Councils can scale up if required, starting with the services which offer ‘big wins’ – e.g. revenues & benefits, waste management etc

Want to learn more about OneVu?

Find out why we designed OneVu the way we did and how it achieves the outcomes and savings it does.

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