About Us

Enabling a digital society

Our Focus

IEG4’s focus is to ensure that digital transformation is simple and effective for everyone. We provide disruptive solutions that enable outcome-driven service change in the public sector. We are able and willing to use the best and newest technology to innovate as a means of meeting the evolving requirements of citizens - unencumbered by notions of how things have always been done, legacy systems and traditional ways of working. Our lean and agile approach means that our solutions often lead the pack.

Our software is designed, with input from customers, to seamlessly integrate with back office systems, to make services more beneficial and attractive for citizen use and more cost-effective through the use of digital transformation and analysis. All our solutions are Microsoft Azure Cloud-based which enables you to go live quickly, with no need for expensive infrastructure and resources.

IEG4 was formed in 2006 and is based in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. Our team is made up of 30+ people specialising in Customer Support & Success, Projects, Product Development and Sales & Marketing. Our staff have hundreds of years of experience of dealing with some of the most complex areas of local government.

At IEG4, we punch above our weight, and our aim is to enable our customers to do the same.

Our Management Team

Paul Tomlinson

Managing Director

Kevin Potter

Head of Projects & Customer Support

John Jervis

Sales & Marketing Director

Matt Culpin

Product Director

Our Product & Marketing Team

Andy Cope

Development Director

Katherine Beswick

Marketing Manager

Jackie Gill

Product Manager

Keith R. Lowe

Business Consultant

Our Customer Success & Support Team

Rob DeFelice

Business Development

Lisa O'Neill

Account Manager

Nick Boyd

Project Manager

Rose Moffatt

Support & Testing Manager

Jonathan Barry

Software Developer

David Coutts

Helpdesk Analyst

David Smith

Software Developer

Henry Kay

Helpdesk Analyst

Carol Hill

Business Consultant

Roy Wilson

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Adam Bosianek

Helpdesk Analyst

Adrian McDonald

Director of Strategic Alliance Partnerships

Let’s Work Together

By working with you, we can help you realise the efficiencies you need to achieve.

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