About Us

Enabling a digital society

Our Focus

IEG4's mission is to use innovative technology to facilitate a digitally enabled society.

We support digital transformation through our market leading software to Local Government and Continuing Healthcare providers enabling them to enhance the way they deliver their services, by providing low code, cloud-based solutions that are designed to be implemented quickly and to be easily modified, ensuring value for money can be achieved today and tomorrow.

Our approach is innovative, flexible and forward thinking, unbound by conventional norms, legacy systems and traditional ways of working. We continually challenge the status quo aiming to improve citizen and patient self-service, enhance online services, and seamlessly integrate with back-office systems.

Our team is made up of specialists in Software Development, Projects, Customer Support & Success, and Sales & Marketing.
Through continuing to develop market-shaping products, sharing our knowledge and genuinely caring about helping our customers succeed in their service delivery, our team are committed to our mission and stand by our values in everything we do.

Our values (FACT) represent the way in which we act and operate and act as the guiding principle in our engagement and commitment to our customers.

Our FACT defines us and is made up of: 

Forward Thinking - Innovation with a Purpose.
Agile and Adaptable - Delivering Digital Transformation at pace.
Collaborative - Working together to achieve together.
Trusted - Delivering on our promises to enable digital transformation.

Our Management Team

Stephen Ferry


Tim Darbyshire

Chief Financial Officer

Alan Powell

Head of Projects & Customer Support

Peter Banahan

Customer Success Director

Andy Cope

Development Director

Katherine Beswick

Marketing Manager

Matt Culpin

Product Director

Let’s Work Together

By working with you, we can help you realise the efficiencies you need to achieve.