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IEG4's Blue Badge Case Management System is an intelligent, responsive, customisable digital service that enables councils to manage all applications from submission to badge production. Designed to drive maximum efficiency through the streamlining and automation of processes, it enables faster decisions for customers and more efficient use of officer time.

Streamlines progress tracking of all cases from application to order

Manage the entire blue badge process on one single platform, streamlining all processes.

Reduce unnecessary contact

Re-focus application queries to customers with brandable self-serve portal for status, evidence & payments

Customer visibility for all case progress

Self-serve portal provides customers with the ability to check application progress

Effectively plan and manage renewals

Manage Blue Badge renewals & resources with real-time badge expiry data via Reportal

Blue Badge Platform in Numbers

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Workflows Started


Uploaded documents


Badges issued

Smarter case management

Superior insights with dedicated reporting platform giving you actionable data that enables your team to effectively manage your blue badge service

Quick view tag status

Application summary view

Linked previous badges

GOV.UK Pay integration

GOV.UK Notify integration

Highlighted notes

Dedicated Self-Serve

Enhance customer response time and reduce unnecessary contacts with dedicated Self-Serve portal, to check application status, upload evidence and pay

Check application status throughout

Directly upload missing evidence

Automatically pay with GOV.UK Pay

Brandable Templates

Integrated with Case management system

Powerful Reporting

Superior insights with dedicated reporting platform giving you actionable data that enables your team to effectively manage your blue badge service

Actionable insights

Reporting data export

Predict expiry dates

Dynamic dashboards

Manage team performance

Lewishams Freedom pass form

Unified Concessionary Travel

Transform citizen experience for Blue Badge & Freedom Pass services with one intelligent unified platform for Concessionary Travel

Maximise citizen eligibility evidence across services

Streamline labour intensive processes from application to award

Employ single identification requests across applications

Includes customisable dynamic Freedom Pass form

Dynamic Management Information Dashboard (MS Power BI) – resource planning, performance and demographics

See the solution in action

Improved outcomes are made possible with these features

Case management that’s smart and automated

Streamlines progress tracking of all cases from application to order

Integrated auto-generated communications

Significantly reduce time spent on unnecessary internal & external correspondence by automatically triggering communications

Intuitive user interface

Carefully designed, easy to navigate user interface decreases onboarding time and effective staff training

Self Service Platform

Brandable self service platform for applicant to, check application status, upload evidence and pay using Pay reducing customer council interaction

Full document repository

Upon application ask your citizens to upload locally so your council can include evidence & other additional documentation required for assessment approval. All documents are linked to cases and customer records

Dynamic workflows

Powerful workflows enable standardisation and automation of processes maximising efficiency. Includes; Applications, Renewals, Cancellations, Appeals and Misuse reporting

Advanced reporting and audit

Analyse the entire concessionary travel process to effectively plan and manage Blue Badge services. Advanced operational audit and reporting adds powerful insight into day to day operations


Recording all application & workflow interactions & note facility for quick customer updates.

Gov pay & gov notify

Full integration with Gov PAY with payment status and leverages gov NOTIFY to communicate with applicants via SMS / Letter / Email throughout entire process

Case Study

We wanted a solution that was customisable to our processes; tailored to us

Hannah Buckley
Blue Badge Operations Supervisor
Kent County Council

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