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IEG4's experience of delivering content that answers customer queries in OneVu meant that it was natural to leverage this same capability in a chatbot.

Currently, we have two chatbots designed to solve real world common issues.

iSpeak Revs & Bens is a speech-capable Q&A bot that allows citizens to quickly obtain personalised answers to questions e.g. ‘When is my next benefit payment?'. This includes the 40 most commonly asked questions in Council Tax and Benefits.

Progress Check Bot enables citizens to chase the progress of the thing they've applied for from directly within Facebook Messenger. This is seamlessly integrated to OpenProcess and officers can actually send messages directly into Facebook Messenger.

Both of these bots are also able to be surface inside your website or as an Alexa 'skill'

Citizens can chase progress without human intervention massively reducing call volumes
Can be delivered through multiple channels i.e. web/voice/Alexa/Lex using Microsoft's Bot Framework.
Fast and easy to implement
Futureproof your service delivery

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