Content Separated From Function

At IEG4, we want to provide building blocks of function that can be reused for any use case. We want the data you have to be surfaced in the channels you want without having to do the same work over and over.

To power OneVu we built an API Framework, which is essentially an abstraction / middleware layer that takes the data from the many back office applications a council has and converts it into a format that:

- is consistent for all back office systems
- can be interpreted and used by non-technical users
- follows best practice i.e. JSON

The reason we built this for OneVu was to provide the means for council staff to be able to change content in their self-service portal without the need for help from IT. However, a benefit of this approach is that we created a middleware that was able to extract data from many back office systems and also store content that a council had local to themselves. This area is essentially a layer where all integration logic and content is held and is separate from the OneVu application itself.

IEG4's EasyDataFeeder is a set of RESTful APIs that leverages this API framework to be able to surface the content held in back office systems to any channel that needs it. This is irrespective of the integration protocols used by council systems.

EasyDataFeeder can be used to:

- provide website personalisation
- power smarter chat bots / LEX IVR functions
- surface content from back office apps into CRM applications like Salesforce/Microsoft Dynamics

Enhance your existing investments

Make your CRM/Chatbots/Website shine with rich data from lots of back office applications

Minimise development effort

Seamlessly retrieve data from multiple back office systems with just one 1 integration rather than multiple.

Future proof your service delivery

Decoupling data / content in an API means that innovative/future delivery methods can instantly be plugged in to back office apps.

Minimise training requirements

Enabling your CRM to pull data from multiple back office applications removes the need to train staff on how to use those systems to answer queries.

Improved outcomes are made possible with these features

Compatible with all modern CMS/website building software

Secure APIs which outputs simple to understand JSON data

Surfaces over 50 key data items but has the potential to surface 100s

Data items can be surfaced from the 'big three' suppliers

Data is securely surfaced

Securely authenticate customers using an open standards based identity server.

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