Proactive Self Care with intelligent matching

Pioneering Directory of Services framework that proactively finds the right services, by matching their circumstances to the most relevant to services. Automatically suggest services based citizens predefined preferences based on circumstances, age, accessibility, quality mark, cost and proximity

Automated surfacing of local services saves user and officer time

No need to search for services. Intelligent matching based on citizen circumstances automatically surfaces the most relevant services directly into their profile

Automated surfacing of local services saves user and officer time

Removes engagement barriers, by automatically suggesting services that enhance the likelihood of positive self care outcome

Open standards and APIs mean easy integrations and future-proofing

IEG4 Pioneered open standards to reuse local services across public sector systems by providing easy API integration

Citizens find services in app, with dedicated intelligent way-finding

Citizens can find their way to local services using our dedicated Integration with Bing Maps. All accessible directly inside self-care platform

Improved outcomes are made possible with these features

Fully integrated to the Directory of Services

Automated surfacing of local services relevant to a person’s circumstances

Easy to learn case management with clear plan/progress visualisation

Enables service providers to update their service information themselves

Open standards and API based Directory of Services

Massively powerful security model to control who can update information

Our solutions