Helping you | Helping your citizens and businesses

Council call centres are seeing an increased demand in enquiries about their services.  The government are now looking for local authorities to take more responsibility for the care of the vulnerable in order to reduce the load on the NHS. This is at a time when there are fewer staff, due to self-isolation and secondments to work on Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures.

The forms are available to you immediately and without cost (initially for up to three months, to be reviewed as the crisis progresses). In order to offer the form to your citizens and businesses it's just a case of placing the link to them on your website. From there they can be accessed via any modern browser and are mobile responsive.

The wording in all services can be customised by yourself in order to suit your services and response to the situation (also branded to your council style). 

To request the forms, and the other solutions we are offering around Covid-19 please click here.