Our Story

The concept of ‘Implementing Electronic Government’ has transformed significantly over several decades, with a notable expansion in the 2000s. This period saw the integration of various digital services, making them more user-friendly and accessible.

It was during this time that IEG4 was founded in 2006. The name reflects the previously mentioned concept and the company’s commitment to its four foundational principles: Innovation, Efficiency, Government, and Technology.

Fifteen years after IEG4 was founded, the parent company of IEG Group Limited was established. This entity plays a vital role in managing and guiding its subsidiary companies, leveraging its ownership to achieve strategic goals and enhance overall business performance. As part of the IEG Group, IEG4 is central to the group’s mission. With plans to acquire additional companies, the IEG Group aims to continue delivering cutting-edge digital solutions to the public sector.

November 2021, saw IEG4 receive significant investment from LDC, the private equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group. This funding was designed to accelerate growth, expand market presence, develop new products, and enhance services. This investment supports IEG4’s ongoing mission to foster further innovation and expansion in digital public services.

Our Mission

IEG4 is dedicated to advancing a digitally-enabled society through cutting-edge technology. We are at the forefront of digital transformation, offering tailored, cloud-based, low-code solutions that are quick to deploy and easy to adapt. Our services cater extensively to Local Government and Healthcare sectors, improving service delivery and ensuring cost-effectiveness both today and tomorrow.

Our Approach

We embrace innovation, flexibility, and forward-thinking, freeing our customers rom the constraints of outdated norms, legacy systems, and conventional workflows. At IEG4, we constantly challenge the status quo to enhance citizen and patient experiences through improved self-service portals, optimised online services, and integrated back-office systems.

Our Values

Our values (FACT) represent the way in which we operate and act as the guiding principle in our engagement and commitment to our customers.
  • Forward Thinking - Innovation with a Purpose
  • Agile & Adaptable - Delivering at pace
  • Collaboration - Working together to achieve together
  • Trusted - Delivering on our promises

Management Team

Our expert team includes Software Development, Project Management, Customer Support & Success, and Sales & Marketing professionals.

United by a commitment to our mission, we focus on developing groundbreaking products, sharing expertise, and a genuine dedication to helping our clients achieve their service delivery goals.