Empowering public organisations with user-centric software for digital transformation, our products streamline operations and enhance stakeholder engagement. Tailored to meet dynamic challenges, they ensure efficiency, transparency, and accessibility.

Drive efficiencies, save money

Reduce your costs with proven digital solutions that drive digital transformation, achieving key outcomes in efficiencies, service delivery, and workload reduction.
Up to 50%
Reduction in phone calls
Forms submitted using IEG4 products
Citizen Engagement Accounts across IEG4 user base
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Constantly developing for tomorrow’s tech

Pioneering the future of public sector software solutions, IEG4 leads digital transformation with forward-thinking innovation and a commitment to excellence. By integrating advanced AI capabilities with Microsoft Power BI, we deliver powerful reporting functionalities that unlock actionable insights, fostering informed decision-making and strategic efficiency across services.
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Trusted by all tiers of Public Sector Organisations

Our solutions are validated by a robust Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 31%, showcasing our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction in delivering reliable and impactful software across the public sector.

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