Enablers of change

Our services are designed to let you work the way you want to rather than dictate the way you work. With a focus on delivering software users WANT to use we look to constantly break down barriers to change and challenge expectations. The following are game changing solutions we provide to do exactly that.  

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Want to be able to surface back office information to citizens in a way that is user friendly and designed to answer their burning questions irrespective of the department? Want to allow citizens to track the progress of any requests they make? If you do - OneVu is a next gen solution to achieve this. 

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eGovHub - Online Services

Do you want to provide all of your services online in a consistent way?  Do you want business users (not IT) to be able build your own mobile responsive online forms and change them whenever you want? If you do IEG4's eDesigner & Local Government Library of Services can achieve this for you. 

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QoL Assessor for Social Prescription

Do you want to proactively prevent issues in citizen's lives before they become crises and reduce ongoing costs as a result? Would you like citizens to serve themselves and find services they need without having to contact you? If you do, then our Quality of Life solution can help.

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