Social Care Financial Assessment

IEG4's Social Care Financial Assessment provides an intelligent online form to allow a citizen or any intermediary (e.g. AgeUK, friend, family) to understand how much they may have to contribute to their care costs.
Providing citizens and their intermediaries clarity on care cost contributions

Product Features

  • Secure Council branded solution embedded into existing website
  • Intelligent form only asks questions relevant to data already entered
  • Editable content
  • Assessment available to download for review
  • Save for later functionality
  • Simple to navigate - provides a compelling user experience
  • Online evidence upload during and after submission

Product Benefits

  • Clear and intuitive form makes it easy to use
  • Minimal Council overhead
  • Completion of form is quick and easy with swift uptake
  • Personalisation by Council means efficient implementation
  • Online evidence removes the need and cost of scanning