ReportIT App

ReportIT allows citizens to report issues using their smartphone using photos, geo-location, and notes; view details of earlier reports; check progress; see messages added to reports; and receive notifications when a message is added.

A ReportIT Admin function is also provided which can be stand alone or integrated to OneVu/Open Process.
Letting you know on the go

Product Features

  • Citizens can report street scene issues using a Smartphone
  • Geo-location, photographs and notes may be added to a report
  • Reports can be progress-checked by the citizen
  • Messages can be sent to the citizen from the Council
  • Citizens can be notified of progress, messages or closure
  • Councils can configure what a customer may report
  • Councils can configure different processes to different types of reports
  • Works with IoS

Product Benefits

  • Councils receive fewer telephone and face-to-face reports of issues
  • Councils receive fewer calls chasing progress on reported issues
  • Councils are made aware of issues sooner
  • Citizen service is improved
  • Different processes mean that only necessary tasks are undertaken
  • Citizens are notified of progress electronically saving time and money