Q&A Bot

Built on Microsoft Bot framework, IEG4's QnA Bot is able to respond automatically and effectively to Councils' individual FAQs, massively saving officer time and increasing accessibility for citizens.

It can use various channels of delivery, including Facebook Messenger. The Bot is easy to use and 'train' and can adopt local nuances where appropriate.
Conversational user experience using AI

Product Features

  • Can respond to >200 council-wide FAQs
  • 'Learns' your Councils' FAQs
  • Can be 'taught' nuances by the user
  • Can be used in conjunction with voice - hybrid chat
  • Available through multiple channels of delivery - FB Messenger etc
  • Answer can include data from back office siloes

Product Benefits

  • Massively reduces officer time spent dealing with simple queries
  • Massively reduces officer time spent dealing with progress checking
  • High take-up levels, as available through commonly used apps
  • Local nuances may be added ensuring successful interactions
  • Officer intervention available if enquiry becomes complex