Open Process Workflow & EDMS

IEG4's Open Process Workflow and EDMS can work with other IEG4 services such as New Claim, eCiC and OneVu. It can also stand alone. It enables the allocating and tracking of requests and storage of electronic documents. Documents can be indexed against multiple back office systems.
Intuitive state-of-the-art Workflow and EDMS

Product Features

  • Integral workflow and EDMS functionality
  • Available as organisation-wide or departmental solution
  • Scanned documents can be uploaded and indexed
  • Digital and ‘Paper’ in same process and worktray
  • Documents can be assigned a document type
  • Letter creation via templates and mailmerge and attached to process
  • Letters can be styled to have consistent header/footer
  • Ability to add extracts to support additional back office indexing
  • Scanned documents can be attached to existing process (workflow)
  • Scanned documents can be used start a new process (workflow)

Product Benefits

  • Workflow can dynamically manage and improve team working
  • Enables sharing of information, reducing duplication and improving data accuracy
  • Integration reduces re-keying, increases efficiency and ensures data accuracy
  • Reduces errors, misfiling, document and casefile damage or loss
  • Powerful workflow enables automation and streamlining of processes
  • Reduces reliance on paper and its associated inefficiencies
  • Digital and ‘Paper’ in same process
  • ‘Paper’ can progress Digital process