iSpeak Revs & Bens

iSpeak Revs & Bens is a speech-capable Q&A bot that allows citizens to quickly obtain personalised answers to questions e.g. ‘When is my next benefit payment?' 

The 40 most common questions citizens ask in relation to their Council accounts are included and the solution works with any of the 'big three' back offices.
Conversational user experience using AI

Product Features

  • Includes the 40+ most common questions posed by citizens
  • Works via speech recognition and/or text-based chat
  • Surfaces data from all the big three back office suppliers
  • Search terms can be customised to include local nuances
  • Works with all modern web browsers
  • Compatible with all modern CMS/web-site building software
  • Surface inside website or as an Alexa 'skill'
  • Utilises Microsoft's Bot Framework and Cognitive Services

Product Benefits

  • Massively reduces officer time spent dealing with simple queries
  • Intuitive to use, meaning take up will be high
  • Underpinned by Microsoft software - leaders in Bot technology
  • Offers an additional and alternative channel shift opportunity
  • Choice for users to use via speech recognition or 'chat'
  • Fast and easy to implement
  • No requirement to change website or CMS supplier