eDesigner provides the means to quickly create and design eForms, enabling services to be delivered online. With the coding of the form done behind the scenes, business users of any level can create forms. 

In excess of 100+ eDesigner forms can be shared between local authorities using IEG4's LGaaP (Local Government as a Platform).
Building and sharing service forms

Product Features

  • Allows users to build online forms rapidly using pre-built templates
  • Easily add questions with drop-downs, checklists, controls and logic
  • Add, edit and delete questions
  • Move the position of questions within a page
  • Add business logic into the page of an eForm
  • Change the style/text via an easy edit process
  • Payment integration built-in - (currently) Capita/Northgate
  • Forms' xml/pdf transmitted via secure web services to back office
  • Forms are stored in the portal for reporting/channel management
  • Forms may be shared with other eDesigner users via LGaaP

Product Benefits

  • Controls' ensure form answers are immediately validated
  • Automated PDF generation of the eForm content
  • PDF integration to EDMS and/or Microsoft SharePoint
  • Search/filter capabilities in-built
  • Ability to report upon numbers received and completed
  • Ability to report upon drop-downs added to the eForm
  • Ability to open partially completed eForms
  • Share best practice by using eForms created by other LAs
  • Add payment integration to Capita/Northgate quickly and easily
  • Access to LGaaP provides 'Council in a box' for forms