Blue Badge

Local Blue Badge Case Management System

Our powerful, end-to-end, complete digital solution efficiently manages all your Blue Badge processes, in line with the newnational form system.

Product Features

  • Case management with ability to accept, reject, re-open or refer
  • Application and team workflow manager with automatic notifications
  • Multiple application receipt routes - website, service centre
  • Integration with national Blue Badge APIs
  • Audit and reporting
  • Secure Council-branded editable form embedded into existing website
  • Intelligent form only asks questions relevant to data already input
  • Save for later functionality
  • Upload evidence and documentation on application and within workflow

Product Benefits

  • Clear, intuitive and accessible form makes it easy to use
  • Workflow manager increases productivity of internal teams
  • Workflow submission and actions
  • Cloud-based application and case management system means secure flexibility
  • Cohesive and seamless end-to-end user journeys
  • Management of case evidence and documentation in a single repository
  • Flexible application and citizen communication
  • Council-editable content ensures rapid implementation times