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Transparent Processes

Our cloud-based solution, CHC2DST, digitally enables the Continuing Healthcare Assessment Process in line with
The National CHC Framework. It automates workflow and communications securely across multiple stakeholders, reducing workloads and delays.

By eliminating non-value adding activities, it boosts productivity and improves service quality. The digitisation of paper results in a smarter and more transparent process that puts CCGs in control of their assessment activities and the decision timetable.

Why choose CHC2DST?

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One single sign in using email or social accounts for 24/7 access, increasing citizen engagement with your council
Provides a single view of your council with personalised responses relevant to your citizens' enquiries
Updates and end-to-end progress tracking in real time, reducing unnecessary contact
“CHC Professionals have been working with the paper-based national framework for so long, they’ve accepted that this is how it has to be. IEG4’s intelligent application of technology changed our understanding of the state of the possible and will help us digitally transform the CHC assessment process”Simon Meers, Senior CHC Commissioning Manager NNHS Dorset CCG


Improvement in the 28 day turnaround decision timeframe within six months


Backlog reduced from 229 to 0 by freeing up workforce capacity


Authorised users in Cheshire and Wirral CHC Eco-system


Elapsed days to reach an eligibility decision for CHC

CHC2DST Case Studies

Five CCGs across Cheshire and The Wirral worked with IEG4 to create a digital software solution to underpin
the Continuing Healthcare Assessment process.

Since co-developing with IEG4, the Cheshire CCGs went ‘live’ with CHC2DST in September 2017. From this point, each new case has been digitally processed and within the first year 250 authorised users from the CHC stakeholder community have contributed to over 2,500 cases. 500 eligibility decisions have been made and 3,000 case notes have been written with around 20,000 documents electronically uploaded. Becoming paperless enables quicker, more efficient retrieval.

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CHC2DST has driven up productivity and has put CCGs in control of their workload, making it easier to implement CHC policy consistently and providing a reference point for training. Only authorised users can submit a CHC case for referral thereby improving data quality. Instant communications across stakeholders means that in many cases, GP summaries are received back in hours allowing an initial referral to be checked for admin quality and by an experienced clinician to eliminate unnecessary tasks. Local Government professionals use the same solution to upload their assessments and record comments or disagreements under the patient case.

Cheshire management schedule work from a hub across five localities, whilst the solution ensures that assessors focus on the assessment tasks in their work queue. The results have seen increased productivity amongst administrators and assessors and control over workload. Elimination of paper handling tasks by using the system have also increased staff morale.

Performance against the National KPI’s has improved significantly, having worked down a backlog of over two hundred cases, Cheshire do not see a backlog returning and expect to continue to drive down the time it takes to reach and communicate a CHC decision.