Our experience helps you go further

We have integrated with a huge range of applications that enable improved citizen services and automation of process.

Realise your ambitions for channel shift

IEG4’s OneVu solution enables a single digital window into your council to be provided to your customers. Designed to solve customer queries, not just surface data, OneVu has reduced phone calls in some councils by up to 50%.

OneVu enables your customers to self-serve and get personalised answers to the most common questions you are frequently asked already. As well as providing the ability for customers to submit and track the progress of >300 different pan-council services.

Business users can change content

You can make the content inside the citizen portal your own. And adapt it to changing demands without IT's help.

OneVu single citizen sign-in

A whole council accessible with just one login. With the ability to login using Microsoft, Facebook and Google too.

Everything trackable

With over 30% of telephone calls related to progress checking or failure demand chasing, OneVu stops this with progress checking on every single online form.

‘Council in a box’ suite of forms

A library of 250+ forms is available from day one to get you up and running fast and with eDesigner you can add even more.