Enabling Digital Transformation

Delivering simpler and easier access to services for citizen's, which also provide cost savings to the public sector.  @IEG4 We do tricky, bringing legacy silos together to deliver a single view of the council for citizens.

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Digital Continuing Health Care

Trusted by Councils and the NHS

"In our view, IEG4 complements our overall ambition to maximise the potential of evolving technologies to continually improve the way we deliver services to our residents.”
Tim Hillman-Brown
Head of Benefits
Lambeth Council

“IEG4’s intelligent application of technology changed our understanding of the state of the possible and will help us digitally transform the CHC assessment process”
Simon Meers
CHC Commissioning Manager
NHS Dorset CCG

"We were impressed with IEG4's ability to empower councils to fine tune customer communications and directly integrate to our back-office system without third party tools,”
Sue Martin
Head of Revs & Bens
City of Wolverhampton Council

“IEG4’s approach has always been to build an intuitive service and then give us the ability to do it ourselves.”
Jo Hillard
CIC Assistant Manager

"IEG4 has a strong reputation in revenues and benefits and we were able to trial their 'change of circumstance' service to discover how well it met user need”
Matthew Cain
Head of Digital
Hackney Council

“We need to drive greater integration in health and social care, from acute care to community health providers, and IEG4’s solution is an enabler for doing that.”
Tracey Cole
Directory of Commissioning
South Cheshire CCG

"IEG4 knew everything inside out and had proven integrations with the systems that we used”
Jayne Ruddock
Revs & Bens Section Manager
Leeds City Council

“At Kent, we selected the IEG4 Blue Badge product as it provided overall greater efficiencies”
Hannah Buckley
Blue Badge Operations Supervisor
Kent County Council