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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Implementation

What is the implementation process?
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We understand that no two customers are the same so our approach to each implementation project is in response to the client’s requirements.

A project manager is assigned to oversee each of our implementations and our implementation team are on hand throughout the project to ensure things run smoothly and efficiently. We work alongside you to ensure your needs are met, disruption is minimised and any issues that arise are resolved quickly.

FAQ - Procurement

How do we purchase your solutions and services?
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Public sector procurement is often seen as complex. We have many years of experience in helping organisations buy, so we may be able to assist.


Our team are here to take your call on 01625900 630, Monday to Friday 09:00am to 5:30pm.


Our solutions and services are listed on the following frameworks:


FAQ - Configuration

Will you update the styling to match our Council website?
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As a part of the upgrade we will update the styling to match your existing Council's branding at the time


If you are in the middle of a website redesign it would make sense for you to be upgraded when you have access to the stylesheets that will be present on the new website to save doing it twice.

How do I push stylesheet changes from one environment to another?
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Within the new Branding area of System Management, there is now the ability to copy stylesheets from one environment to another rather than using the Framework publish option.

To do this simply click on the v2 Web Site Based option within Branding.

Then beside the form you wish to change the style for click "Copy to other sites".

You can then choose where to move the style changes to.

NB - you can only push the style to Test/Live if these have already been created in v2 by IEG4

Can I publish the new version to live?
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Yes and No

IEG4 staff will push the form from Development to Test and then Test to Live the first time that you want to do it.

After it has been done you will be able to push changes such as text changes/setting changes from Development to Test and Test to Live.

IEG4 will only be required to do publishes when a new release is provided to you of a form or the framework itself.

So 90%+ of the time you will be able to publish yourself

Can I control who has access to Reporting?
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Because reporting is now provided through the Reportal, we have made it possible to limit access to reporting via permissions.

The permissions for Reports are controlled in the Portal Administration function so it is possible to allow users access to Reportal for a specific report or for multiple reports. E.g. A Benefits manager might only be granted access to the eClaim/eChanges report and a Revenues Manager only access to the Change of Address report.

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