CHC2DST Webinar Programme

The Continuing Healthcare Assessment process is awash with paper and difficult to manage. Paper results in a lack of process transparency which makes it tough for patients and their carers, even for health and social care professionals, to see the state and progress of assessments. 

CCGs have 28 days to turnaround a decision of eligibility for CHC following a full assessment. It sounds like a long time, but, overall CCG performance against the national standards confirms the scale of the challenge. From initial checklist submission, through to the collection of MDNAs and the collaborative process to develop a recommendation in a DST, stakeholders have to assemble papers and evidence to support their decisions. Synthesis of this information is difficult without sifting through reams of paper. Inconsistencies may be picked up late. The sheer volume of material to transmit and review adds to unnecessary delays. 

Until now….

To discover how 5 Cheshire-based CCGs have digitised and automated their CHC Assessment Process using CHC2DST, register for our Webinar

The session is open only to NHS and LA Professionals. We expect interest to be high given the focus that NHS England has put on CHC, so, please, book now to avoid disappointment