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Digital Transformation

Before technology, it starts with a strategy of knowing your customers.
True digital transformation means understanding all user stories and cases to deliver a digital service that provides an improved experience and service level compared to alternative traditional channels.
It’s not just about ticking a digital box by converting a PDF to an eForm; designing the services that people want to use is key. In today’s age, it's about recognising that digital is smarter and will solve the challenges you face now and in the future, and being ahead of the digital transformation game.
Thinking about digital transformation
Change is often met with suspicion, and cultural fear can inhibit making the change over to digital. Our team recognise and support this and are here to ensure your digital transformation experience runs smoothly.

Digital transformation provides the opportunity to not only motivate and empower stakeholders, but also to simplify services and processes that deliver the best results.
Digital transformation is happening in every sector. At IEG4, we have a huge vested interest in developing and delivering innovative solutions for the local government and health & social care sectors. Our passion and focus is to ensure the minimising of operational costs whilst simultaneously improving customer service.
“I was particularly drawn to IEG4’s ambitions and vision for online citizen services which echoed my own”

Honor Howell, Assistant Director, Central Community Service Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk

Some of our Clients

Vale Royal CCGLambeth CouncilKings Lynn CouncilWest Devon councilRoyal Greenwich councilLeeds City councilWest Cheshire CCGKent County councilBrent councilSunderland CCG