Understanding NPS Impact in the Public Sector

A Guide for Customers and Stakeholders

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Peter Banahan

In today’s digitally-driven and dynamic landscape of the public sector, understanding and leveraging customer feedback is pivotal for continuous improvement and ongoing innovation. 

In today’s digitally-driven and dynamic landscape of the public sector, understanding and leveraging customer feedback is pivotal for continuous improvement and ongoing innovation. A crucial metric in this regard is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a recognised benchmark for measuring client satisfaction, derived from evaluating customer feedback on a spectrum from positive to negative.

IEG4 recently conducted a Customer Survey and attained a NPS of 31%. While this score falls within the ‘good range,’ we know there is room for improvement and the insights and feedback received provides scope for improvement. Steps are already being taken to address the issues identified in our Customer Success Plan . As a participant in this metric collection process, I aim to use this blog to delve into what this means for our Customers, Prospects, and Stakeholders. I will also discuss the significance and advantages of maintaining a strong NPS.

Experience: A Customer's Perspective

Customer Scores provide immediate feedback on user satisfaction with a particular service or product. They are a direct line to the user’s experience, offering real-time insights that can guide improvements. For customers, an NPS offers a mixed insight. NPS range from -100 to 100, categorising respondents into Detractors (0-6), Passives (7-8), and Promoters (9-10). The unfiltered score achieved by IEG4 indicates that promoters exceed detractors by 31 percentage points, suggesting a positive experience overall.

In the context of IEG4’s software solutions, this score implies that a significant portion of users acknowledge the value and effectiveness of the products in enhancing their operations and service delivery and see IEG4 as a trusted provider.

Expertise: Aligning with Digital Transformation Goals

For digital transformation champions and heads of digital operations, a positive NPS is an indicator of IEG4’s competency in meeting the complex needs of the public sector. It reflects a level of expertise in developing and delivering software solutions that resonate with strategic goals of digital transformation, including efficiency, accessibility, and citizen and patient engagement.

However, this score also highlights the importance of continuous dialogue with users to identify specific areas of improvement and innovation to further align with evolving digital agendas and demands. Something which we consistently do to support our customers and develop our product set further.

Authoritativeness: Stakeholders' Confidence

From a stakeholder’s viewpoint, including funding bodies and policy makers, an NPS signals a company’s position in the market but also underscores the competitive nature of the industry. It conveys that IEG4 has a loyal customer base willing to advocate for its product, product capabilities and recommend the company to others. There is however a necessity to strive for higher satisfaction levels to maintain and enhance its market authority. This score is a call to action for companies like IEG4 to leverage customer feedback in strategic planning and decision-making processes to bolster their authoritativeness in the public sector.

Trustworthiness: Building Prospects' Assurance

For prospects contemplating partnerships, an NPS offers reassurance of the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and quality of service. It suggests that while the journey towards excellence is ongoing, the company is on a positive trajectory, making it a trustworthy first choice for public sector entities looking to embark on or enhance their digital transformation efforts. This score, backed by transparent communication and evidence of responsive improvements, can significantly influence decision-making processes amongst future customers.


A positive NPS is a testament to IEG4’s strengths and showcases our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction in delivering reliable and impactful software across the public sector. We can, and aim to understand, and act on the implications of this NPS, further solidifying IEG4’s role as a key player in the public sector’s digital transformation journey, ensuring that our software solutions continue to meet and exceed the evolving expectations of our valued user base.

By focusing on the areas highlighted by the NPS and engaging in open, ongoing dialogues with all stakeholders, we can leverage this feedback to drive strategic improvements, ultimately aiming for a higher NPS when the exercise is repeated in six months, and one that will continue to reflect outstanding customer satisfaction and loyalty.