Robotic process automation (RPA) is the application of technology that allows organisations to use robotic software or, a “robot”, to capture and interpret data for the purpose of processing a transaction, updating data, triggering responses and communicating with other systems.

Robotic automation is typically used in simple very high volume transactional activities. However, IEG4 identified that if the robot was 'smarter' they could carry out both high volume and highly complex Revenues, Benefits & Housing activities. With this in mind, IEG4 worked with Engie and North Tyneside Council to develop the first ever robotic process for the administration of new Housing Benefit & Council Tax Support applications. ReG the robot has happily processed over 8000 new benefit claims at North Tyneside and is now able to process Council Tax moves, discounts and direct debits. 

Unlike traditional integration using web services or APIs provided by back office suppliers, the robot processes work in the exact same manner an officer would. So the robot is trained to know what to do with the tricky cases and smart enough to use conditional logic when it is relevant. 100% accuracy and automation is achievable with robotics and the restrictions on automation are entirely those the Councils wish to put in place; rather than restrictions of back office APIs.

Have a look at robotics in action

See IEG4's ReG in action 

We think its always best to see something in action rather than simply read about it. 

In this video you will see:

  • The data that was collected from an application for Housing Benefit & Local Council Tax Support
  • A side by side view of the robotic process and the Northgate back office 
  • The robot logging into the back office and then searching, locating and updating data directly into the system as if it were a human

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