Stop the Paper Chase! 

The Continuing Healthcare assessment process is awash with paper based forms; the Continuing Healthcare Checklist and the Decision Support Toolkit being primary examples.  Filled out manually by health and social care professionals, the paper supporting a single case can run to hundreds of pages.

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As a result, professionals at the centre of the Continuing Healthcare process struggle to synthesise the information from the reams of paper they receive.  Progress is laborious and actions repetitive.

Paper handling causes unacceptable levels of delay and ensures that service provision to the citizen and carers is sub-optimal. 

One NHS FT identified 17 days of delay built-in to their CHC & DST process as a direct result of the inefficiency of paper handling.

Paper handling in this one process is costing the NHS a small fortune every year. 

Inefficiencies exacerbate DTOC numbers, the stick to beat the NHS with, if you are a politician or journalist.  However, it’s not the financial and PR cost that’s most significant.  The physical and mental impact of an extended stay in hospital can take its toll, not just on the patient, but, on those people who care for them.

IEG4’s Software Can Help Change All That

With IEG4’s CHC2DST software, delays caused by paper handling are history.  CHC2DST helps CCG’s to:

  • Improve the assessment services to patients and carers and staff
  • Improve decision making speed and accuracy
  • Improve communication across stakeholders
  • Reduce DTOC numbers
  • Improve work allocation and follow-up scheduling
  • Improve accuracy and retrieval of completed CHC and DST
  • Reduce legal appeals through better record keeping
  • Reduce processing costs by eliminating inefficiencies.

Developed in Conjunction with CHC Professionals In The Field

Developed initially in conjunction with a group of five collaborating CCG’s and an NHS FT, IEG4’s cloud-based CHC2DST software is easy to implement and can be quickly adopted by staff, offering then a familiar and intuitive user interface. 

Available on an annual subscription basis to CCG’s and LA’s, process improvements in the Continuing Healthcare arena are inexpensive to achieve and, at the same time, can dramatically improve service quality to all stakeholders, be they patients, carers, health or social care professionals.

IEG4 has been recognised by the NHS for the service innovation it can offer.  Recently selected by SBRI Healthcare as a company helping to reduce delays in acute settings, IEG4’s CHC2DST software is ready to deploy in CCG’s and LA’s today.


Implementing CHC2DST Software

Projected savings through process efficiency can be in excess of £1million per annum for an average sized CCG, that’s before including the likely impact of reducing Delayed Transfers of Care in Hospitals and improving efficiencies in the Local Authorities working with them.

An individual CCG can benefit from using CHC2DST.  Additional efficiency savings can come through collaboration across CCG’s and the central co-ordination of the CHC & DST processes.

CHC2DST software is flexible and can allow a CCG to lead and bring other CCG’s on to their instance as word of the revolution spreads.

View the micro-site and watch the video


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