Through digitisation, Local Authorities, NHS CCG’s, the CVS and others can reach out to citizens with targeted messages and service offers

Citizens can assess themselves and be encouraged to self-help and change behaviour with guidance to and support of relevant, local support services.

Citizens can self-refer to local services if their assessment scores indicate a need, allowing for earlier intervention and prevention strategies to be delivered

Organisations can help change circumstances and life trajectories by delivering relevant support services which address and the underlying needs of the citizen

Demand for statutory services can be reduced by improving the life circumstances of citizens in society and offering treatments which deal with challenge areas at their roots.

Organisations can offer different treatments for the root cause of a challenge area which instigates a meeting or appointment.  A doctor or a Well-being co-ordinator can prescribe non-medicinal alternatives to commonly experienced statuses.

In many cases, there can be a better treatment alternative and outcome for the patient than the prescription of a cocktail of medicines.

IEG4 has created a suite of software products which target self-help and behaviour change in individual citizens, recognising that the personal changing of ways can deliver the most effective results.  Citizens can access intuitive quality of life assessments to identify challenging dimensions in their lives and drill-down into those dimensions to explore what’s really exacerbating their situation.

Based on the citizens’ individual needs, local community services can be intelligently surfaced, to help deal with the particular need.   Today the citizen is presented with multiple directories and services, the relevance of which to them, is not always clear.

If circumstances dictate, IEG4’s Quality of Life Assessor tool can signpost a citizen to public services and effect a referral to a professional case worker who will assess and assist.

In the hands of the professional case worker, IEG4’s Conversation Gatherer allows the rapid capture of problem areas and the symptoms which present themselves in discussion.  Conversation Gatherer can record the assets around the individual which may be built upon, together with any barriers which may hinder success, if not addressed.

Based on this deeper conversation, specific support services can be identified, or if the severity of the case demands it, a case can be set up in Semitae our Outcome Based Case Management Solution.