Helping people help themselves with Social Prescription

Investing in Social Prescription is increasingly being accepted as a valid approach to drive down demand for and usage of our Public Services.

For example, investing in a befriending service may reduce ‘social isolation’ and the health problems which are associated with it which consume GP and A&E time and resources.

Local Authorities or Health Services believe that looking to provide more of the same services without tackling the causes of demand is putting unnecessary and, potentially unbearable strain, on our health and social services, bringing them towards breaking point.

Many believe that something proactive needs to be done.  That ‘prevention is better than a cure’.

As a result, across the country, hundreds of initiatives, involving departments of local authorities, the NHS and voluntary services are underway, each with a different flavour, but, all in some way relevant to the Social Prescription banner.

To complement this approach, IEG4 has built a Place-based Care platform designed to facilitate Social Prescription in practice.

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We've built a dedicated microsite illustrating all of the thought processes behind the system and more information on the benefits of our Place-based Care platform. You can jump to the microsite by clicking the button below:

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