Effective Hospital Discharge

Delays in the effective discharge of patients consume huge resources in the NHS and Local Authorities. Delayed Transfer of Care days are up by 31% during 2013-15 reaching over 3.1 million and costing £800m per annum according to the National Audit Office. In part, ineffective communication and a lack of collaboration underlies the challenge, which importantly, has more than just a financial cost. 

According to reasons given from NHS England’s published data of all delayed cases -

• 17% are due to lack of NHS completing assessments
• 18% are due to lack of arrangements with other NHS organisations, and
• 17% are due to lack of arranging care packages at home.

Improved communication and collaboration of patient desired outcomes, needs and stakeholder responsibilities in supporting them could significantly improve the situation. Reflective of this, we have looked at the pinch points in the processes and at this event will provide both our insights and an illustration of how technology can, in part, solve many of the challenges.

See Semitae in action

Have a look at the Semitae for Hospital Discharge solution here

We think its always best to see something in action rather than simply read about it. In this video you will see 

IEG4's Semitae for Hospital Discharge platform, which is a secure, intelligent, and easily implemented software solution that:

• captures patient assessments in the hospital or in a discharge-to-assess setting;
• identifies patients’ support needs to deliver improved outcomes;
• allocates actions and responsibilities for their delivery, dynamically, to multi-disciplinary teams;
• provides transparency throughout the discharge process;
• helps discharge teams focus activities to reduce number of ‘blocked exits’; and,
• helps reduce family disputes by providing consistency of offer based on patient eligibility

Semitae for Hospital Discharge:

• has completely customisable assessments enabling changing / optimisation ongoing
• enables both self and assisted assessments on mobile devices
• enables outcomes to be managed by many different organisations in a true multi-agency approach
• supports multiple languages

eGovHub Enabled

All of our online forms are part of our eGovHub Online Forms Framework and this means they all have these great features out of the box!

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Content Management

With this you are in complete control of all text. So you can make a service entirely your own with custom guidance notes, question wording and help text. All without the need for IT or us to help you. 

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Mobile Responsive

When citizens access services on their phone / tablet everything is optimised for their device for the best possible experience. Plus, as soon as you make changes to your content these changes are instantly reflected on mobile too.

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Multi-language support

Leveraging the content management elements of the solution it is possible to add support for multiple different languages and thus ensure you are able to deliver the service to everyone of your customers. 

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