In the UK, after 15 years of BIG IT integration projects, top-down organisational restructures and billions of pounds of inward investment, management and utilisation of the assets and capabilities within institutional silos has improved. The investment focus has been on asset management within the NHS.

Despite a media spotlight constantly focussed on system failures, our massive organisations largely deliver what they were designed to deliver. Continuous improvement of services within the organisational unit has led to record levels of utilisation. 

However, we are at a critical juncture where an NHS, originally designed to deliver treatment to sick people as need occurs, is creaking. An ageing population, living longer and, increasingly requiring simultaneous support from the NHS, Social and Welfare Services is driving demand across Government, Local Authorities, the Third Sector and, the UK Population for integrated provision of care, health and social services.

A different approach to Health & Social Care

Recognising what has come before, our services are designed to let you work the way you want and complement visionary strategies; rather than dictate the way you work.

With a focus on delivering software users WANT to use we look to constantly break down barriers to change and challenge expectations. The following are game changing solutions we provide to do exactly that.  

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QoL Assessor for Social Prescription

Do you want to proactively prevent issues in citizen's lives before they become crises and reduce ongoing costs as a result? Would you like citizens to serve themselves and find services they need without having to contact you? If you do, then our Quality of Life Assessor solution can help.

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Stop the paper chase!

Do you want to mprove the assessment services to patients and carers and staff? Do you want to improve decision making speed, accuracy whilst reducing DTOC numbers? With IEG4's CHC2DST platform you can do this and reduce legal appeals through better record keeping and reduce processing costs by eliminating inefficiencies.

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