Customer – not back office – first

There are many online citizen accounts available in the market, however, IEG4's OneVu solution is the first to be designed with the customer needs in mind rather than simply surfacing back office data to the web. That is to say all other citizen account services have been designed by back office silo specific suppliers. Consequently, they had their own system in mind rather than the diverse and department spanning needs of the citizen. 

OneVu was designed with a mobile first strategy, spans all of an organisation's departments and enables a customer to:

  • register / sign in very quickly - they can even sign in using Facebook, Google & Microsoft accounts
  • view personal information and bills/notifications related to Council Tax and Benefits with real time authentication - no letters with PIN numbers!
  • search for and complete online services from all departments 
  • track the progress of any request they make irrespective of department
  • view requests for information related to their request and upload documents - digitising the entire request

All on their device of choice. The real innovation in terms of user experience is within the way data is visualised to citizens. Rather than a user interface that is always static and replicates the back office, OneVu provides customisable frequently asked questions that are personalised to the citizen. So there is nothing for them to learn and the questions they ask every day now can be mirrored in OneVu. This also means you can change them when it is relevant. I.e. when recovery runs are happening you may change the order of Council Tax FAQs for example. 

See OneVu's Smart FAQs

Cross-department access to FAQs on mobile

We think its always best to see something in action rather than simply read about it. In the video here you can see a citizen viewing all departments on their phone and:

  • Authenticating with Council Tax in real time
  • Viewing personalised answers to the top questions asked within the Council's Customer Services team for Council Tax

Want to know more?

We think OneVu is a little bit special and so we've built a dedicated microsite illustrating all of the thought processes behind the system. As well as providing more detail on the functionality provided. Go to the microsite by clicking the button below:

OneVu Microsite