Local Government as a Platform (LGaaP)


As far back as 2009 people have talked about Councils becoming more like Amazon or eBay in that they should be recognised more the services they provide, rather than the town halls and buildings of their inception. 

Local Government as a Platform is about Council Departments seeing themselves as one single body responsible for delivering services through consistent channels in a cohesive and standardised manner. 

Whilst technology is not the sole element in LGaaP, it is certainly be an enabler of it. LGaaP is about NOT reinventing the wheel for every single service delivered but establishing what it does at a higher level. For example Councils need to Receive Payments, Make Payments, Issue Bills and correspondence, Recover monies, Manage Documents and Manage Cases etc.

In a platform based approach one would say that all documents and all cases should be managed in one place. However, because of the legacy approach of buying systems for specific purposes, Councils can have >20 case management applications and 3-5 document management systems for different Council departments. An LGaaP approach is to say there should be 1 of these and it should be configurable to the use case rather being standalone for it.

This is also true of online services. In some councils there might be 3-5 online form providers. There may be 2-3 online citizen accounts. All providing different functionality none of them intertwined.

We want to change that 

Consistency & Collaboration 

Councils provide the same services across the country and so it makes sense that they provide these services online and in a consistent, mobile friendly manner. As of November 2016, IEG4 is making a library of online forms its customer and it have built free of charge to any of its hosted customers.

These online forms span customer services, Council Tax, Benefits, Licensing, Planning, Waste and is an ever increasing library. It's ever increasing because customers using our eDesigner product are making new forms for themselves, which in turn are added to this library. So a Council that has IEG4's customisable and mobile friendly Revenues and Benefits forms can automatically take advantage of this library of online forms and essentially get towards having all services available online. 

What's more IEG4's OneVu and OpenProcess solutions provide a single citizen account and document/workflow management system. So those customers can have all of their services accessible in one place by citizens and track the progress of them all from one place too. 

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