Enabling citizens to track things online = reduced calls

When we thought about what would provide OneVu with the leap ahead of the competition, number one was the ability for citizens to track any service request that they made. Whether that be a complex welfare application or reporting a pot hole in the road.

But whilst building the engine to facilitate this – OpenProcess, we realised that if a citizen can access their request in real time 24/7, wouldn’t it be great if they could also get real time messages or requests for information/evidence online and be able to reply to these in real time too.

This was probably our greatest insight in recent years. Because if citizens/stakeholders in a process can be asked for information online and provide the responses/upload documents in real time then we could completely remove the shortfalls of paper based delays. Not simply the cost of printing and posting paper but the lack of the human element. Rather than simply bits of paper in the wind, we have provided the means to track progress and create a bi-directional ‘conversation’ entirely through the medium of their account.

So OpenProcess, like OneVu, is agnostic to the back office function/use case and is capable of:

  • surfacing where in a back office process a request is to citizens,
  • enabling council staff (not IT) to link online forms to trackable processes
  • enabling processes to have multiple stages with their own SLAs visible to citizens
  • enabling processes to have actions associated with them so citizens/council staff/contractors are notified when things do (and don’t) happen
  • enabling council staff to request information from citizens
  • enabling citizens to respond and upload information 24/7 on the device of their choice

See OpenProcess in action

Progress Tracking & Real Time Information Requests

We think its always best to see something in action rather than simply read about it. In the video here you can see a citizen:

  • submitting a request,
  • seeing its estimated completion time, tracking its progress,
  • viewing notes requesting information the council has made and
  • adding notes and uploading documents for the council to complete their task.

Want to know more?

We think OneVu and OpenProcess are a little bit special and so we've built a dedicated microsite illustrating all of the thought processes behind the system. As well as providing more detail on the functionality provided. Go to the microsite by clicking the button below:

OneVu & OpenProcess Microsite