Smart Revenues Services

Many online revenues services simply replace old paper/pdf based processes with online equivalents. Whilst this means that the citizen can then access them 24/7, it doesn't consider whether there is a better way to deliver the services when provided through the online channel.

From the inception of every service we design, we consider how things can be rationalised to afford the best customer experience. A good example would be the Discounts & Exemptions service. Most software suppliers simply provide an online form for all discount/exemption types. This means the customer has to find and locate the correct form on the Council's website. 

So instead IEG4's service asks the person about their property and, if they're resident, the status of the people within their household. From there it works out which discounts or exemptions would be applicable and dynamically slots in the relevant pages and asks for the relevant evidence. This seems like a small change but this means instead of 20+ forms citizens only need to access 1. 

Not only is the experience great for the customer, upon submission of our forms, it is possible to automatically process the data into the back office Council Tax system using APIs or Robotic Automation and pass a copy of the form and any evidence uploaded directly into the document management application. 

eChange of Address

A single, smart solution to allow homeowners, tenants, landlords to notify you of moves. Ensures that everything can be provided in one cohesive flow providing the very best user experience.  See the video below.  

Direct Debit        

Already signed off by most banks, our solution has bank account validation, complete flexibility on payment dates as well as the ability to intelligently link to the eChange of Address & Single Person Discount forms. 

Single Person Discount

With high volumes of these it's essential the process is quick and easy to complete. Our service enables users to apply for or cancel their SPD and also change Direct Debit details when a person has moved out.

Discounts & Exemptions 

Replacing over 20 forms with a single one means that citizens can't accidentally fill in the wrong one and don't have to look hard either. This smart form works out the questions and evidence required based upon asking the citizen about their property and household. 

See Digital Revenues it in action

Have a look at the eChange of Address (eCOA) solution here

We think its always best to see something in action rather than simply read about it. In this video you will see how the eCOA solution responds dynamically to the information it is provided. Rather than making the citizen know what the need to ask for and seek it out, the online service asks questions and intelligently slides in the relevant subsequent questions that are required. 

The video illustrates that, as a part of a single process, the citizen can provide:

  • Details of when they moved in property based discounts/exemptions
  • Details of a person requiring a student disregard
    • Including uploading evidence to support this
  • Details of a Disabled Band Reduction application
  • Details of whether they wish to sign up for eBilling
  • Details of how they would like to pay including the ability to set up a Direct Debit
  • Details of other departments within the Council they would like to notify

eGovHub Enabled

All of our online forms are part of our eGovHub Online Forms Framework and this means they all have these great features out of the box!

360x270 Demo Image

Content Management

With this you are in complete control of all text. So you can make a service entirely your own with custom guidance notes, question wording and help text. All without the need for IT or us to help you. 

360x270 Demo Image

Mobile Responsive

When citizens access services on their phone / tablet everything is optimised for their device for the best possible experience. Plus, as soon as you make changes to your content these changes are instantly reflected on mobile too.

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Multi-language support

Leveraging the content management elements of the solution it is possible to add support for multiple different languages and thus ensure you are able to deliver the service to everyone of your customers.