True digital transformation means understanding all user stories and use cases to deliver a digital service that provides a better user experience and service level than traditional channels.

It's not just about ticking a 'Digital box' by converting a PDF to an eForm but designing services that citizens want to use.

In today's age, it's about recognising that Digital should be smarter than alternative channels and can solve the challenges you face. 

Enablers of change

Our services are designed to let you work the way you want to rather than dictate the way you work. With a focus on delivering software users WANT to use we look to constantly break down barriers to change and challenge expectations. The following are game changing solutions we provide to do exactly that.  

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Deliver a compelling citizen account

Want to be able to surface back office information to citizens in a way that is user friendly and designed to answer their burning questions irrespective of the department? Want to allow citizens to track the progress of any requests they make? If you do - OneVu is a next gen solution to achieve this. 

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Enable real time progress tracking online

Do you want a next generation workflow solution that enables citizens to track the progress of their requests online? Do you want some processes to be managed by third parties like contractors? Do you want to request/receive information from citizens entirely online? Find out more about OpenProcess here.

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Deliver your Revenues services entirely online

Do you want to channel shift moves, discounts, exemptions, direct debits, special arrangements, refunds to the web? Would you like citizens to serve themselves and use solutions that are intelligent and designed to capture everything in one go with automation using robotics or APIs? Then IEG4's Digital Revenues solutions will help. 

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Deliver your Benefits services entirely online

Do you want to deliver housing benefit, local council tax support, local welfare claims and changes on the web? Do you want citizens to be risk profiled and evidence to be uploaded entirely online? Do you want automation to back office apps using robotics or APIs? Then IEG4's Digital Benefits solutions will help. 

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Enable non-technical staff to drive digital delivery

Do you want to provide all of your services online in a consistent way? Do you want business users, who understand the requirements, to be able build your own mobile responsive online forms and change them whenever you want - without the need for technical skills? If you do IEG4's eDesigner can enable this for you. 

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Local Government as a Platform with eGovHub

Want to provide all of your services in the cloud and don't have the resources to start building them from scratch? Want to collaborate with other organisations and take advantage of what they have already built? IEG4's hosted customers have access to a free Council in box online service library. Find out more here. 

Want to know more?

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