Semitae – Managing Outcomes with a Multi-Agency Approach

Managing requests, referrals and assessments with a Multi-Agency Approach

📰General Information

IEG4′s Semitae product enables you to:

  • Provide service requests, referrals and assessments/surveys online
  • Design your own online services without any coding that are optimised for use on any device
  • Automatically create cases with the data received from the above online forms
  • Assign cases to support organisations/service providers
  • Secure access to these cases through their own login details set up in the core case management app
  • Enable users with login credentials to take cases out into the field using a smartphone/tablet etc.
  • Monitor and Report upon cases to establish progression metrics and forecast future trends

By providing an intelligent and editable electronic form point as the entry for citizens to be referred, or services requested, the following benefits are realised:

  1. Access 24/7 – 365 days a year on any device
  2. No rekeying of any data from the referral/request
  3. Details can be changed subsequently if found to have changed/be incorrect without a new form required
  4. Errors are reduced massively due to inbuilt logic that guides the user
  5. The online form intelligently identifies all services/help/support etc that the person might need in one single process so that the user only needs to complete one form to request multiple services. Resulting in a better customer journey and more transactions in the digital channel.
  6. The services/help/support elements that should be identified based upon question responses can be changed by non-technical staff should things change. Ensuring that as the business changes the software does so too.

Unlike legacy applications, Semitae has been created using the best technologies available and in partnership with public sector specialists have created pre-boxed solutions for Supporting People, Troubled Families, Early Year Interventions, Housing Association – Request a Repair.

📱 Mobile App

There are still a huge swathe of activities done across the public and private sector where staff need to take paper files/documents into the field in order to carry out their job effectively.

There an array of issues with but most pressing are:

  • The need to scan updated paper documents and/or rekey the data collected into other applications
  • The lack of security of the data
  • The inherent additional work required should the data need to be accessible by multiple parties when these documents are completed/cases updated
  • The need to order new paper equivalents at further costs whenever policy/legislation/working practice changes mandate change to paper documents.

As such with the for Semitae companion app, we make it possible for case data to be taken out into the field without the need for files resulting in:

  • Data captured in the field automatically updating the case management application
  • Secure encrypted passing of data
  • Automatic sharing of data between those persons/organisations that have permission to view the changes

And, importantly, the functionality within the app is dictated by the online form builder and the case management app’s configuration. So if changes are required to the forms/data collected in the case management app, these can be made instantly and the mobile app is updated instantly to reflect these. The following illustrates that each element of the Semitae solution works in harmony with the other to ensure that the mobile app experience on any device can be great:

Cloud and Mobile First

We never looked to simply provide a mobile app that did a specific job. We made for Semitae, which adopts the dynamic behaviour of the case managmeent app and online forms, so as to constantly evolve. A critical function in the journey for optmisation of process.


Stockport Video Case Study

Semitae Software


Visualising the Solution


Here you can find screenshots of the Semitae solution.


It starts with an online form, which whilst shown on a pc below, will also work amazingly on mobiles and tablets. Essentially, the online form in this instance allows a citizen to select the circumstances most appropriate to them as a starting point. These ’tiles’ are linked to online form pages, which are presented based upon their circumstances and how the organisation wants it to work. I.e. new pages can be added, questions changed without the need for technical expertise.


Support People launch


The beauty of this is that the online form’s questions and assessment steps are then tailored directly to the circumstances of the citizen. With the following showing some pages for a person wishing to feel useful in their life and get a job:


Assessments Based upon Citizen Circumstances


And even the pages are dynamic so all relevant questions appear based upon earlier responses:


Training SP


When these are received by the commissioning organisation, these are instantly available with all detail accessible i.e. no rekeying of referral information. The cases are available from the home screen of the Semitae application, as shown here:


Semitae Home


If one clicks upon a case it is possible to see the detail of what the current issue is or what the person needs help with. In this case the person requires help with finding a job to help make better use of their time. This could equally be that they want to report a problem like a pothole in the road etc. – the uses of Semitae are endless:


Support Need score


All documentaton associated with a case can be uploaded to ensure that there is no need for a separate document area. Everything is in one place to ensure nothing slips through the net and one can tag documents against people/help needed/tasks etc.


Document Upload - Semitae

There is now also the means to add indicators for any purpose along side icons that may be important ‘flags’ for users to see straight away. These are not harcoded options but completely open source for users to add as many as required for any purpose:


The system can also logs all contacts made with citizens and this is done with an intuitive and clear interface shown here:

New Contact

With the Timeline providing a log/audit of all actions and interactions:

Timeline - Semitae

If a plan of action is required this can be set up within Semitae. The steps required to complete an outcome and indeed the organisation/person assigned to do this can be added to. Again these are all changeable by the organisation managing the service and so very flexible:


Case Outcome Steps
Because this case has been assigned to a Housing Agency, they can then login to their own secure portal to view their cases assigned as shown here:


Housing Manager Access


One can see that they are restricted to viewing and updating cases as opposed to the normally large menu of the left facilitating the changing of settings etc. Should this organisation then want to go out into the field with the details of their cases, they can login into the app on their device of choice. The following shows the above case when accessed in for Semitae on an iPad:


image (2)


With drop downs set up in the Case Management app immediately available on the app too!


image (4)


Example of settings


One can see here how simple it is for one to link Support Needs to Outcomes within the system, which is indicative of the simplicity found throughout the application:


Linking Support Needs


And linking scenarios on the online form to assessment pages and needs:


Linking assessment to tiles - Semitae

Because it is possible to add support needs for any reason and associate these with any online form question and the resulting linked outcome(s) desired it is possible to set up a semitae instance to manage requests for assistance for any purpose.

Key Elements / Benefits

  • People love to use our eForms

    User experience is the key to uptake of online services. Over 50 of our public sector customers now have 90%+ online uptake due to the enhanced experience they deliver.

  • 👍

    You are in control

    Semitae is truly dynamic. You can modify both the online forms and the set up of the case management app to suit your own needs. What’s more these changes are instantly reflected in the mobile app. So there is complete integration and consistency of process however your business needs change.

  • 📱

    Mobile Device Ready

    All of our eForms are optimised for tablets and smart phones to enhance the customer journey. But more importantly entire case files can be taken out into the field without the need for an internet signal on the device best suited to the service in question i.e. Smartphones may be best for building contractors whereas a Surface Pro may be best for a Social Worker. is device agnostic and so works the way you want to work.

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