Taxi Driver/Vehicle Licence administration is complex and made up of many paper-based manual processes.

IEG4 has collaborated with one of its customer sites to create a set of intelligent digital services for Taxi Licensing that enable your customers to:

  • Apply for a Taxi Drivers Licence (catering for all types)
  • Apply for a Taxi Vehicle Licence
  • Renew a Taxi Drivers Licence
  • Renew a Taxi Vehicle Licence
  • Pay for the Licence including full integration to your payment system
  • Sign in to a citizen account, authenticate and view their licence details online

Data from online forms automatically updates the IDOX Uniform system including passing details of the payment made through the payment application. The customer is able to authenticate and view their details in real time due to the tight integration, allowing bi-directional communication with IDOX Uniform.

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