Give your council a simple standardised approach by delivering all Revenues and Benefits services entirely online. Increasing numbers of local authorities like yours are swapping out their incumbent New Claim and eCiC forms supplier for IEG4.


IEG4’s solutions offer:

  • An intuitive user experience with forms that are fast and easy to complete
  • User editable text which gives you the ability to make your own changes
  • A service that is GDPR ready
  • Real-time authentication and personalisation when reporting Changes
  • A dedicated page for Universal Credit
  • Dedicated settings for LCTS
  • Dynamic evidence requests – only that which is needed
  • Evidence upload during or after submission
  • Fast Track and Self-employed options for both New Claim and eChanges
  • Comprehensive reporting through Microsoft Power BI technology
  • Secure, UK cloud-based hosting through Microsoft Azure
  • Back office, EDMS and Risk-based Verification (RBV) integration

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